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Stuck on a Closet Paint Color?

Closets can be a strange place to paint–where do you start with color selection? After all, not many people will be in your closet for very long, if at all, so why bother spending the extra money to update the interior walls of your closets? The truth is, you can actually make a pretty substantial impact just by painting your closet walls the right color!


Photo via Real Simple

It’s important to take your clothes into account when choosing a closet color. Stick to lighter shades to help easily discern what colors, shades, and patterns your clothing is when choosing an outfit–pulling out each and every article of clothing to see it in the light can be tedious!


Photo via Freshome 

Closets containing objects from the past, boxes full of storage items from holidays, and other things that you don’t access very often can be painted darker tones. The less things and, let’s be honest clutter, people see in storage closets, the better.

Closet painted (2)

Photo via Russett Street Reno

Guest room closets are completely up in the air–do with them as you please! Colorful shades add a chic nature to a guest room closet, while whites and bright pastel colors can make a guest closet bright, but can emphasize the emptiness. Darker colors can also make dust a little less noticeable!

Using the right color can make all the difference in both appearance and functionality of the closets in your home! Learn more here.

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