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MacPaint is a full-service painting and repair contractor licensed in Virginia. We specialize in all types of property management, commercial and residential. We offer numerous property management services, including power washing, wood repair, and painting. We are over 30 years of experience managing properties throughout Eastern Virginia, and are always looking to take on new projects!

What sets us apart from other property management contractors? Our top of the line customer service and dedicated team of skilled washers, painters, & craftsmen. We post daily updates on our website for all of our property management projects with detailed schedules, plans, & pictures.

We have numerous Property Management customers already and are members of the CAI (Community Associations Institute). Our most common property management plan includes:

  • pressure washing whole buildings including gutters and sidewalks,
  • replacing rotten wood on all exposed wood areas
  • repainting all exteriors of units, entire buildings, and whole communities.
  • We also provide services for work orders in your community so you can rest assured MacPaint will keep your community thriving.



Some of our current Property Management Clients Include:


Our Services:

Painting – We understand that a good paint job relies on proper preparation, and we take pride in how we take all the necessary precautions to prepare a surface for priming and painting before we start. We use the highest quality paints available. Different brands are used for different reasons. We will explain all of the preparation work that needs to be done so you know exactly what is going on with your property.

Optimized-106-2 Exterior PaintOptimized-004 Trim Work

Pressure Washing – One of the quickest and cheapest ways of making your property look new is by pressure washing. We can wash your properties’ exterior including decks, walkways, and driveways. Pressure washing will remove dirt, mold, and mildew and is a great way to find rotting wood that will need to be replaced. We use a safe, biodegradable cleaner called Simple Green and water to ensure the surrounding property, wildlife, and landscaping are safe from toxic chemicals that would harm them or their environment.

Optimized-006 Before Pressure WashingOptimized-006 (2) After Pressure Washing

Carpentry And Rotten Wood Replacement – The low integrity of rotten wood can cause problems in the future and should always be replaced before painting. Most rotten wood can be found after pressure washing around windows and door trim.

07050 Before Restoration07060-2 After Restoration

Gutter Cleaning – We hand wash gutters and downspouts, remove any and all clogs and can also install any new hardware or gutter pieces making everything look clean, even, and new again.

039-2-22-12 Hand Washed Gutters07040 Cleaned and Repaired Gutter

Roof Washing – We give the option of normal pressure washing which works very well or even a specialized crystal washing system that will stay on the roof and continue to clean for a while each time it rains. As always, all of our cleaning chemicals are biodegradable and safe for the environment.

roof Pressure Washing a Roofroof_cleaning1 Pressure Washing a Roof

Pools – We offer pressure washing of all pool areas as well as repainting and repairing peeling or scratched paint within the pool.

010-3 Initial Pool Work012 Initial Pool Work

Siding And Window Installation – We can match up the color and repair damaged siding. If it’s from a lawnmower throwing rocks, or a weed eater chipping away at the corners, we can fix the siding and make it like it was when it was first installed. We also offer window installation and custom fitment.

110 New Windows And Siding176 Finished Windows and Siding

Countertop Refinishing – Our specialized multi-spec resurfacing process has left many customers with brand new countertops at a fraction of the cost of traditional countertop replacement. So whether you need new countertops for kitchens, bathrooms, or any other room in your property, or if you want to keep and freshen up what you already have we can help by resurfacing the existing ones.

Refinished Desktop Refinished DesktopRefinished Desktop Refinished Desktop

Drywall Repair – Whether you have a door knob sized hole or you need an entire wall rebuilt, we can do anything to make it like it never happened.

Drywall patching Sheet Rock Installationdrywall patching Patching a Hole

What we can do for your residences:

We can send out notices before we start work to inform the residences of the work to be done. And for their security, we offer a private page on our website that updates daily with the work being completed at specific addresses. This private page is password protected so only residences of that community can access it. This is an extra security measure we like to take so your residences do not get taken advantage of. If you have any question or would like us to bid on your project: Give us a call!

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