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Princess Anne Shoppes

Friday 9/15: We are hopeful to complete building 3 today, and plan to comeback on Monday for final touch ups. 

Tuesday 9/12: We are continuing panting on building 3, we are making solid progress and hope to be basically done by the end of the week.

Friday 9/8: We are working on the trim and gables on building 3.

Thursday 9/7: We finished building 2 today. Tomorrow we will work on the trim and gables on building 3.

Tuesday 9/5: We’re back on site and are continuing touch ups and working on trim. 

Monday 9/4: We are off site today, we’re giving out team the holiday off. 

Friday 9/1: We are continuing to work on building 2’s trim, we can into some small mishaps but our team figured them our quickly and kept us on schedule.

Thursday 8/31: We are continuing to work on building 2’s trim.

Wednesday 8/30: We are back out at Princess Ann full force and will be working on building 2’s trim for the rest of the week. On pace to get the building done by end of next week.

Tuesday, 8/29: Due to the rain today we will not be in the area, building 2 is well underway and we are making great progress, although the rain has forced us to rethink our attack schedule. We are hopeful to back out there in full strength tomorrow.

Monday, 8/28: We are having to go back and touch-up a couple of the dormers in Building 1 that needed another coat.  We will continue on the white trim on Building 2 and hope to have a good dent put in it by the end of the day.  Looks like rain tomorrow, so expect a limited crew that will paint the ceilings in Building 3 tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

Friday, 8/25: We were slowed down a little bit by the mid morning shower.  In an effort to stay dry we painted the ceilings in Building 2.

Thursday, 8/24: Completed Building 1 and beginning the white trim on Building 2.

Wednesday, 8/23: We are making great progress and are finishing up building 1 besides final touch ups, should begin building 2 tomorrow!

Tuesday, 8/22: Today we will be starting on the siding of the first building, We are hopeful to finish up the first building on or by Thursday.

Monday, 8/21:  Had a number of employees yesterday suffering the effects of the solar eclipse.  🙂  All the toughest work will be complete today and we should be making noticeable progress on the siding by the end of the day.

Friday,  8/18: We are continuing on the first building, we’ve made substantial progress and should be ready to apply the 2nd and final coat early next week.

Thursday,  8/17: We are continuing work on the 1st building with out entire crew. We are progressing smoothly and hope to get close to finishing it up by the end of the week. 

Wednesday, 8/16: We have our full crew out on the site today and will be working on the 1st building. 

Monday, 8/14:  We are beginning painting today, We hope to knock out as much of the first building as possible.

Friday, 8/11: We accomplished a good amount yesterday and are set up for a very productive week next week. Unfortunately due to the rain today we will not be at the job site. 

Thursday, 8/10: We are beginning exterior painting today, and will update once we know what our pace will be.

Wednesday, 8/9: We are letting the wood and everything dry out before we come back and try to get the painting done. Because the weather looks ominous it may be a week before we are able to get back on site and finish the job. 

Monday, August 7th

Good Morning,

The weatherman is giving us pretty sketchy predictions for this week…  We will have to plan the activity at your site on a day to day basis.

Today we will finish up carpentry and will do some prep work.  This is mainly on the last two buildings, finishing up the strips of wood (they are called battens) and priming some of the ceilings that are stained.  Hopefully it will clear off and we can gain some traction and move the project along.

Thanks for your business.


Friday, 8/4: We are continuing wood repair and hope to begin painting next week.

Wednesday, 8/2: We have finished up washing and have moved on to wood repair and carpentry work before we begin painting. 

Tuesday, 8/1: We’re working on the 3rd building and it’s surrounding sidewalks, We are hopeful to finish up washing today and move into the carpentry 

Monday, 7/31: We are finishing up the second building today, working on the entrances in the early morning. Sidewalks are being cleaned as we go from building to building. 

Thursday, 7/27: We are continuing power washing today, we are hoping to finish the first building’s entrance this morning and begin washing the second building

Wednesday, 7/26: We have begun power washing today, starting with 5629 Providence Road. We will be washing all week and hope to begin painting first thing Monday. 


Dear Occupant of Princess Anne Shoppes Condominium,

MacPAINT will be mobilizing and commencing work in on your building beginning during the last week in July. We will be power washing and painting all previously painted areas.

The first building will be the building housing the restaurant. We understand that you have business to conduct and will paint around the entrances to your place of business in the early hours before you open. If your business opens early, we will work that out with you on a case by case business. We don’t want to disrupt the traffic flow to your business.

The “schedule of activity” will be posted on our website:
Simply go to the website, click the Current Projects tab and click Princess Ann Shoppes…
When asked for a password, enter “Princess” and you will be able to see the scheduled activity… The schedule will be updated early each morning M-F, while your project is in progress.

Thank you for choosing MacPaint to work in your community …. We will do our absolute best for you.

You may reach us at the office: 757-874-9100 Via our website: Email:

If you have any projects that you would like to discuss and receive a free estimate regarding your home or business… We are a “Class A Contractor” and would like to help you in any way that we can.

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