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One Ford Place


Friday, 8/11: We plan to finish up washing today if all goes well. Which means we’ll start carpentry repairs beginning of next week.

Thursday, 8/10: We had one of our trucks break down this morning and will not be able to make it out there today, we will return tomorrow to finish up the washing on building 7.

Wednesday, 8/9: We are starting to wash building 6 today. We are also painting building 14 and hopefully building 2 aswell.

Tuesday, 8/8: We are doing some touch up washing on building 14 in the AM and will be starting on building 2 once we finish.

Monday, 8/7: We are beginning washing on building  14 today, depending on how we progress we will start building 2 tomorrow. 

We will be commencing work in your community on Monday, August 7th.


Dear One Ford Place Resident,


MacPAINT will be mobilizing and commencing work on repainting homes in your neighborhood starting the week of August 7th. Areas we will be painting include shutters, front entry trim, columns, bay windows, and garage door jams. We will not be painting sided and wrapped parts of the structure. If someone in your home has special needs regarding sleep and/or quiet time please let us know because the work process can at times be noisy.


We will proceed in order as follows:


Wash, Prep, & PaintWash Only
1.    Bldg 144329 One Ford Pl3. Bldg  64338 One Ford Pl
4331 One Ford Pl4340 One Ford Pl
4333 One Ford Pl4342 One Ford Pl
4335 One Ford Pl 4344 One Ford Pl
4337 One Ford Pl4346 One Ford Pl
2.    Bldg  24310 One Ford Pl4. Bldg 74348 One Ford Pl
4312 One Ford Pl4350 One Ford Pl
4314 One Ford Pl4352 One Ford Pl
4316 One Ford Pl4354 One Ford Pl
4318 One Ford Pl4356 One Ford Pl

Optional:    Front doors are not included. However homeowners can have them painted individually for $35.00 while we are on site.



We will be using your water; we will keep a record of whose water was used. If your water is used we will send you a check to cover the water cost at the end of the job.


If you have any projects that you would like to discuss and receive a free estimate regarding your home… We are a “Class A Contractor” and would like to help you in any way that we can.


Thank you for choosing MacPaint to work in your community …. We will do our absolute best for you.

You can reach us at the office:    757-874-9100

Via our website:                   

Or Email:                              

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