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Does It Seem Like “Groundhog Day” Whenever You Paint? Here’s the Solution

If it feels like “Groundhog Day” whenever you paint – redoing things over and over again – maybe you’re applying the wrong product. Unless you simply want to change the color, repainting should be infrequent. And it is when you use the highest quality paint!

Top quality 100% acrylic paint is designed to last, so that you’re not back at it every couple of years. Applying this type of superior paint to any properly prepared surface produces a thick, tough, durable finish that will withstand sun, shadow, and other outdoor conditions. . . or the indoor rigors of kids, pets, and “things that go bump in the night”, such as a sleepy spouse.

The secret to the best performing paints is found in their acrylic binder, one of the key ingredients in these coatings. Paints made with 100% acrylic have exceptional adhesion, so they get a better grip on almost any surface; and the paint film they form stays very flexible, which enables it to expand and contract with changing temperatures.

Together, these two attributes — great adhesion and superior flexibility — help top quality paints resist peeling and flaking when applied to exterior surfaces, and keep them from fading or otherwise disappointing when used on indoor walls and woodwork.

On exterior surfaces, the life expectancy of top quality 100% acrylic paint is 10 years or more, compared to about 3 or 4 years for lower quality coatings. Indoors, top quality paints often last until you simply tire of them.

So, remember, unlike the poor groundhog, which can only react to the sun or the cloudy skies, you can take things into your own hands when you paint. Simply opt for the best quality coating you can find; then, put your brushes and rollers back into hibernation.

Whether you live in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania like the infamous groundhog, or as far away as Pensacola, Florida, that’s the best way to avoid the endless frustration of “Groundhog Day”!

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