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Carla’s Hope

Wednesday 8/2 – We are hopeful to finish up all work by the end of the day.

Tuesday 8/1 – We are finishing up Interior with Semi Gloss and are starting work on the Exterior by the end of the day 

The following is a tentative schedule for our work.

Wednesday, 7/26: Drywall repair, prep, start ceilings

Thursday 7/27: Finish up ceilings, start covering walls

Friday 7/28 – Finish up walls, start on trim

                   Exterior – Begin Prep

Monday 7/31 – Finish up walls, continue trim

                  Exterior – shudders and doors

Tuesday 8/1 – Finishing Up Interior with Semi Gloss

                 Exterior: Starting work on the Exterior 

We will be posting day by day updates of your project at this address. If you have any questions about the status of your project feel free to shoot us an email at or call us at 757-874-9100.

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