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Finding Mold is Not Uncommon in the Tidewater

I Found Mold In My Williamsburg Home…Now What?

Discolored spots on walls or surfaces that seem to spread is something that requires immediate attention. If you suspect your home has mold, it is time to have a professional weigh in on the matter. Left untreated mold can spread quickly resulting in damage to your home and pose health threats that range from allergic reactions to respiratory infections. A professional mold remediation company will be able to tell you if you are dealing with mildew or mold and, if it is mold, what kind.


MacPaint  has plenty of experience identifying and treating homes with mold infestations and even offers a free visual assessment. If you suspect your home has mold, we recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Call us at 757-874-9100We are available 24/7 and serve approximately a 100 mile radius from our office in Newport News, VA.
  2. Next we arrive and do a visual inspection. This visual inspection is free and we can give our opinion on whether or not we believe it to be mold and not mildew.
  3. If we suspect mold, we call a professional inspector who is certified to do mold tests. There are many types of mold, some of which are more dangerous than others. The mold tests will tell us exactly what type or types of mold you are dealing with.
  4. Based on the results of the mold tests, we will follow the safety protocol for eliminating that specific type of mold. This involves containing the area so the infection doesn’t spread, removing infected materials, disposing of infected materials, cleaning, and rebuilding as needed.

After your home is free of mold interior painting may be necessary. Painting your walls a fresh, new color can help give a sense of renewal to your home and end an unfortunate occurrence on a positive note.

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