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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I paint my house?

One should consider refreshing the old layer of paint in or on their home every five to ten years. A person’s home is one of the biggest investments they have. Keeping up with maintenance will keep the value of your home high and the long term costs of repairs and upgrades low.

Common reasons homeowners will paint a part of their house include:
o Curb appeal
o Re-design / freshen up the space- transform your living areas just by changing the color of your walls!
o Repurposing of rooms- create an office, paint a baby room, convert a former playroom into a guest bedroom
o To cover water damage, stains, and patches


How extensive can rotten wood be?

Failure to locate and replace rotten wood can lead to structural problems. Structural problems can require the services of an engineer to ensure the safety of the home. It is important to check the integrity of the wooden structures around the home frequently. Doing so can help you avoid the cost of a large repair project that could have been avoided with a small repair early on.

MacPaint will check for rotten wood before any project. Applying paint to rotten wood is useless because it looks bad and is a general waste of time and money since it will require more work later. For exterior jobs, our estimator will check for visibly rotten wood before the proposal is written and will go back after the initial power wash has been done to check for any more rot that was revealed during the wash.

MacPaint can replace wood with PVC which will not rot and is easier to maintain than wood.

How should I prepare my house to be painted?

We ask all homeowners to use their best judgment to remove valuables and breakables from the areas we will be working whether inside or outside.

We also ask homeowners to have a plan for their pets, whether it be to keep them in a separate room or to have a friend pet sit for the day.

For exterior work, we ask homeowners to arrange the trimming or removal of plants and the like from areas immediately around the house so our crew can easily access the areas that need work.

Our crew can move furniture or outdoor items that are too heavy or large for the homeowner to handle.

As part of our policy, the MacPaint crew will cover and respect all landscaping and interiors.


What kind of preparation do you do?

We understand that the preparation is the foundation of a proper and long-lasting paint job. Even if all of the best materials are used with the finest equipment, the job will not be of high quality unless the craftsman is highly skilled and follows protocol for proper preparation.

Whether it be washing, sanding, caulking, patching, or matching colors, MacPaint will do what it takes to ensure the surface has been properly prepared to receive the appropriate coating.

A significant part of the preparation process is briefing the crewmen on what to expect at each job. We understand that each job is unique and requires a specific set of preparation and work procedures. This is why all crewmen are properly briefed and instructed before starting any job.


Do you take a deposit?

Normally no we do not. This is your first guarantee that we believe in our work. We accept full payment upon satisfied completion.

When can you start?

Normally within two weeks, weather permitting.

How soon can you finish?

We will move the job along; once we begin your project we will continue working on it until complete.

Do you provide touch-up paint?

Yes, absolutely!

Do you provide a warranty?

Out normal warranty is for two years.

Can mildew be permanently prevented?

Mildew can be removed, but if the conditions are conducive it will reappear. Those conditions are dirt and moisture. The dirt accumulates on the house from normal conditions…The wind carrying dust, and in the spring pollen are major contributors. These types of pollutants accumulating on the house and moisture especially from a northern exposure will ensure that mildew will reappear.

The house doesn’t look that bad, so why should I paint it?

To maintain the value of the biggest investment most of us will have in our lifetime.

What happens if the painters break something?

You are fully covered. We bring over 1 million dollars worth of coverage.

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