Countertop Refinishing: Part 1 of 3

Following up our previous post, MacPaint will show you the process of redoing your countertops with MultiSpec paint in a three segment series of blog posts. This first segment demonstrates how to prepare the countertops for MultiSpec painting. We first sand down all countertops so that the paint will easily adhere to the surface. Secondly, we wipe down the countertop sufaces with acetone to remove all foreign debris. Finally, we tape off all surrounding areas to prevent unwanted spray on other surfaces. The preparation process is now complete. Stay tuned for next week’s blog post which will cover the process of applying the MultiSpec paint. Check out the preparation process in action with the videos below!

Priming Prep 1 from Mac Paint on Vimeo.

Tape Prep from Mac Paint on Vimeo.

I have only the highest praise for this excellant company.

Garland Stewart