Keeping your Home Warm this Winter

MacPaint has been busy reducing energy costs for our customers through insulating heat ducts, sealing crawlspaces and vents, and installing pipe insulation. When insulating heat ducts, we first apply a special duct-seal around the joints of the duct. Then we wrap these joints with aluminum tape to ensure the warm air does not escape from the duct. Next, we surround the duct with R-8 insulation to keep the air flowing through the duct warm. Finally, we apply the aluminum tape around the insulation to keep the insulation snuggly in place.

Pipe insulation prevents water pipes from freezing, and also keeps the water hot when flowing throughout the house.  A typical crawl space will have several hundred feet of pipe to insulate.

Sealing up crawlspaces and vents can be a significant energy-saver too. The benefits of sealing up your crawlspace can be felt instantly, through the increase in temperatures of your floors.

Applying caulk around windows, checking weather stripping, and foam insulating openings eliminates more heat from escaping your home.

So if you’re looking to save on energy costs this winter, give MacPaint a call and we will fix all of your insulation needs!

Duct Insulation     Insulation for water pipes


Duct surrounded by insulation

We hired MacPaint to replace wood and give our home a fresh coat of paint.

Jody and Michele