Countertop Refinishing: Part 2 of 3

Continuing our post from last week, the countertop surface is now ready for the painting process. First, we apply a coat of primer whose color is similar to that of the background color of the MultiSpec paint being applied. The primer ensures that the MultiSpec paint is securely bonded to the countertop surface. Once the primer is dry, we then apply the MultiSpec paint. A spray gun is used to ensure an evenly distributed coat of paint is applied to the surface. Once the MultiSpec paint is dry, the initial painting process is complete. Check out the painting process in action with the videos below.

Priming Prep 1 from Mac Paint on Vimeo.

Countertop Spraying 1 from Mac Paint on Vimeo.

Countertop Spraying 2 from Mac Paint on Vimeo.

The painting went well. The painters were both professional and good humored. The house looks much better and several people have been struck by the sheen of the paint.

Michel Conan