Countertop Refinishing

A way to avoid a major expense in remodeling your kitchen or bathroom is to use a product called MultiSpec. MacPaint is currently refinishing kitchen and bathroom countertops at the Spring House apartment complex in Newport News, VA. MultiSpec is a specialty paint with different “flecks” of color added to the mixture. The colors can be matched to any color scheme. Painting is achieved by use of a high volume, low pressure sprayer (HVLP). A clear protective coat is then sprayed over the MultiSpec paint.  The results are amazing and we will be posting more about this new product in the near future. In the meantime, check out MultiSpec’s website.
MultiSpec Counter Top     MultiSpec Paints

Blessings Abound During an incredibly challenging location move of this charitable, non-profit, community help organization, James MacDougall was truly a gracious gift that was heaven-sent!

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