When to Replace Gutters

If your house is older and many fall seasons of leaves debris and a possible hurricane or two have left you wondering about the condition of your gutters, then you may be in need of a gutter replacement. It is always great to keep up on the condition of your house, however, things may not always be as bad as they appear and I will give you a few simple steps to gauge the condition of your gutters. First off, if your gutters are not structurally damaged with kinks and leaks nor are they falling off your house, then they do not need to be replaced. If you are concerned about appearances, a local contractor can guide you in your options to paint, power wash, or do cosmetic work to your current gutters. Second, even if there is a leak, a much more cost effective option is gutter repair, as seen in the pictures below. Finally, if your gutters are legitimately damaged beyond a simple leak repair or clean out, then contact a local contractor to talk about options for replacing your gutters. Remember that gutters are one of the most important features of your roof and you should always go for the highest quality gutters you can obtain.

Gutter before repair

Gutter before repair

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After gutter repair

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MacPaint Workers Replacing Gutters

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