Choosing the Right Paint

When getting the best value for your paint job two main factors come into play: the quality of the paint versus the price per gallon. The saying “you get what you pay for” is certainly true in the paint world and at MacPaint we always recommend going with top notch quality to get the best value. Now what is a good indicator of quality? A safe bet is going with 100% acrylic latex paint for interior jobs. While the cost may be a little more per gallon, it pays for itself both short term and long term. High quality acrylic requires less coats during the initial painting process than lower quality non-acryilic paints. High quality acrylic paint also tends to last much longer without chipping and fading. Some other benefits of acrylic latex paint are better adhesion to multiple surfaces, better stain resistance, and better mildew resistance. So whether you choose a contractor or are going the DIY route, make sure high quality paint is going on your walls.

Interior and exterior painting, caulking, Gutters cleaned, Siding, trim. Decks restored, painted, stained, and repaired. Color matching. Railing repaired. Newport News VA, Williamsburg VA, Yorktown VA

The workers were very responsive to any request we made. They were diligent and did excellent work.

A Burns