T.V. Show Paint Schemes

While we may not all be Linda King (original NCIS art director) or Lynn Wolverton-Parker (NCIS set decorator), when it comes to interior design we can certainly take a tip or two from their daring and successful color schemes. Combining several shades of orange and gold, with accents of whites, navy blues, and grays, their NCIS set gives off the subtle comical brightness that the show is famous for, yet still holds resonance during the show’s more serious scenes. To transition between the bright hues on different walls, they make use of the dark navy blue columns and walls to make up for the lack of divider walls.

Monica’s apartment from the sitcom Friends is also an excellent blending of hues on the different end of the color spectrum. TV’s most famous purple apartment made excellent use of a color typically thought of as drab and Victorian to instead bring the place to life. The secret to the Friend’s set success is the use of a soft shade of purple with comfortable lighting and decor to give the place an intimate feel with a bold splash.

So whether you opt for a bolder design like from the set of NCIS or a more comfortable one like the Friends’ apartment, remember that their are millions of colors out their to choose from that can all be wonderfully blended using the right techniques.


Sources: tvfanatic.com